2015 MonkeyfingeR Omnibus

Yes sports fans, it is that wonderful time of year again when MonkeyfingeR releases its latest kick ass MonkeyfingeR Omnibus yo-yo set out into the wild!

What is the Omnibus yo-yo set, you ask?  Well, for the uninitiated among you, the MonkeyfingeR Omnibus yo-yo set is a limited edition package of every yo-yo that MonkeyfingeR released or sold in the previous year. In other words, the 2015 Omnibus set will include special editions of the Tri-B, Gelada 2.1, and 2Evil.

These special edition throws come with a black and silver splash colourway that is (of course) anodized by MonkeyfingeR Ray himself. There is also custom “Ominbus 2015” engraving on the cups as you can see below. Plus, the entire set ships in a special collector’s box to help keep them cozy.

The 2015 Omnibus yo-yo set will go on sale on via the MonkeyfingeR store at 2pm EST (11am PST) on Sunday, April 10, and will retail for $265 USD. That is a great deal since buying the three yo-yos separately would cost about $90 more. The Omnibus set also ships with 25 custom Ape Hanger strings, BUFF, and some stickers.

Only six of these limited edition sets are available, so get ready to grab one on Sunday, April 10!









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