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Smashing Yoyo Company Monocle Info

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Jordan Blofeld was making waves by launching the Smashing Yoyo Company. For that matter, it wasn’t...


RiHara ore Incoming

Just by chance the other day I noticed some Facebook posts regarding the latest yo-yo that is about to be released by RiHara. The...


The 66% Yo-yo Project

So here is new project that I saw posted recently on the Throwers subreddit. The 66% yo-yo project is a new yo-yo venture run...


Unspoken Yoyos

Last week on the Throwers subreddit there was a quick announcement regarding a new yo-yo project dubbed Unspoken Yoyos. This project is the collaboration...


One Drop Prescription Incoming

Oh yes! One Drop is once again creating a sensation with the announcement of yet another yo-yo that looks rather excellent. This time it...