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Static Thall Available

Admittedly, this news is a couple of weeks old now but I wanted to post it up here in case anyone missed it previously....


Vosun TiMe Incoming

In case any of you missed this news from back in April (as I did, in all honesty) there is a new incoming titanium...


New ILYY Bi-metal Yo-yos

I have never had the opportunity to try any of the throws from ILYY (I Love YoYo), but they have released a steady stream...


YYWS Capstan Images

Back in January I mentioned that the specs for the Capstan, the latest incoming yo-yo from YoYo Workshop had been released, although at that...


GN Yoyo Phoenix Launch

Well, I have talked about the GN Yoyo Phoenix on a couple of occasions in the past, and finally it has arrived! The official...


One Drop Top Deck Revealed

So this news is a couple of days old now, but the competitionist inside of me needed to post about it anyway.  And so,...