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Vosun TiMe Incoming

In case any of you missed this news from back in April (as I did, in all honesty) there is a new incoming titanium...


New ILYY Bi-metal Yo-yos

I have never had the opportunity to try any of the throws from ILYY (I Love YoYo), but they have released a steady stream...


YYWS Capstan Images

Back in January I mentioned that the specs for the Capstan, the latest incoming yo-yo from YoYo Workshop had been released, although at that...


GN Yoyo Phoenix Launch

Well, I have talked about the GN Yoyo Phoenix on a couple of occasions in the past, and finally it has arrived! The official...


One Drop Top Deck Revealed

So this news is a couple of days old now, but the competitionist inside of me needed to post about it anyway.  And so,...


The Thrower’s Corner

Since you are currently looking at the Cyyclical site as you read this, I can safely assume that you like to keep your finger...