Cyyclical Core Throws Update

Well, I have once again felt the need to update the Cyyclical Core Throws. As many of you will have noticed, the list is rather organic and does change now and then. Every few months I sit down and rethink both the Core Throw categories and the five top throws themselves. That particular exercise has prompted me to make a couple of key changes yet again.

First of all, the “Back to School” category wasn’t feeling really feeling suitable any longer. I can’t say that I gravitate to any one yo-yo these days for learning new tricks. Thus, I have decided to drop that category completely.

The YoYo Workshop Halyard that dominated the “Back to School” category is still one of my favourite yo-yos. I have been throwing it a lot more again recently but more for relaxed play. Thus, it seems fitting to move it into top spot in the “Time to Chill” category.

The most significant change is the creation of a new category that captures my top pick for a budget yo-yo. The new “Bang for Buck” category is now listed as part of the Core Throws, and it should come as no surprise that the Vosun Vanquish takes that spot. The Vanquish is ridiculously good for the price, and it is crazy how often I throw it.

One final change is that the Core Throws list on the left now contains links directly to the review for each of the yo-yo, if it exists. That should help everyone easily find my opinions on each of the yo-yos.

OK, that is it for now. As always, enjoy your throwing!



Cyyclical Core Throws



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