Cyyclical is now on Facebook

I have to admit that I have resisted using Facebook in any form until now, for reasons that I won’t go into.  However, I was chatting with MonkeyfingeR Ray recently and he really encouraged me to get Cyyclical onto Facebook because, apparently, that is way a lot of the yo-yo community action is.  So, I bent to the friendly peer pressure and launched the Cyyclical Facebook page!

Fair warning to everyone: I really have no idea how to use Facebook so I apologize in advance if it seems messy at first.  Nonetheless, I will use Facebook to post links to any new content that is added here on the main Cyyclical website.  If you would like to give the new Facebook page a Like (from what I understand, that is important) I would really appreciate it even if I don’t yet understand it.



Cyyclical is now on Facebook



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