GSquared Hawk Launch

This is a quick update regarding the new GSquared Hawk for those that happened to miss the news via the Thrower’s subreddit or YoYoExpert.  As I mentioned late last month, the GSquared Hawk launch would be happening this month.  It turns out that tomorrow, January 29, is the day (or today is the day by the time most of you read this)!

As is typical of Jake Gross and GSquared, the Hawk will be available in an array of awesome colourways, including Berries and Cream (my personal favourite).  You can check out all of the great colour combos below.  We are finally able to see the profile shape of the Hawk as well, being a stepped O-type shape.  I rather like it, and given that it is only just over 62 grams it should be a fairly zippy throw.  The GSquared Hawk launch will happen tomorrow morning at 10 am EST on YoYoExpert (and likely other places as well).  Get your wallets ready!


Hawk Specs

  • Weight: 62.2 grams
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Width: 41.3 mm
  • Bearing: Size C Boss Rage and Boss Wrath
  • Response: Flowable silicone (will fit G-Grip pads)


G-Squared Hawk Launch



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