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Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo is continuing his mission to review all things Sengoku.  Time time he has reviewed what might be the world’s first tri-metal yo-yo, the Sengoku Hideyoshi.  I for one am still not into multi-metal throws, but if you are then it is worth check out Chris’ Hideyoshi review.

The Hideyoshi is made from 7075 aluminum and integrates both stainless steel and brass weight rings on the outer rim and inside cup, respectively.  This pushes a lot of the weight to the outside, which is amazing considering that the Hideyoshi only weighs 63.6 grams to begin with.  It sounds like Chris is quite impressed with the Hideyoshi overall.  Here is an excerpt from the Hideyoshi review:

“The play on this yo-yo is downright crazy. It plays blazing fast or chilled out, even though it could easily be classified in the featherweight category. I never felt like I had to restrain it in order to slow the play down or force it to speed up. If I wanted to chill out and relax the Hideyoshi gave excellent spin times while playing at a relaxed pace.”

You can check out the full Sengoku Hideyoshi review over at High Speed Yoyo.  Enjoy!


Sengoku Hideyoshi Review at HSYY



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