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Jeremy McKay recently mentioned to me that he was getting his hands on a new bi-metal yo-yo that uses four titanium weight rings.  I was intrigued to hear and see more about it, which actually happened yesterday when he posted a link to a brand new video from KC Agent about that very yo-yo, known as the Tantalizing.  You can check out the promo video below.

The Tantalizing has a stepped psuedo-organic shape to it with some rather interesting engraved art on each cup.  Of course, the big feature here is the dual titanium rings on each of the cups, one on the rim and one on the inner surface of the cup.  The cups themselves are made from 7075 aluminum.  Here is the official description from the KC Agent website:

“Two symmetric titanium rims (one inner rim and one outer rim) on each side make Tantalizing perform outstanding in various aspect. We adjusted the size and location of rims for many times to make them perfect.

Tantalizing have extreme resistant to abrasion due to its hard aluminum alloy 7075 body and harder titanium rims. Even crashing into cement flooring, it will only get very small abrasion which can be ignored.”

If you are interested in grabbing a KC Agent Tantalizing, you can do so directly from their website.  Alternatively, Jeremy will be selling them in North America from the Return Top Shop.  In fact, as I write this he has one available for sale.  Also, KC Agent is running a trick video contest to give away a free Tantalizing.  The contest runs until Decemeber 25, so check it out soon.




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