MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review

Welcome to the triple MagicYoYo review looking at the N11 Weight Ring, N12 Shark Honor and M003 Prophet yo-yos!


A couple of months ago, Skye Lee from GearBest over in China reached out to me regarding their expanding stock of yo-yos and wondered if I might be interested in having some sent over for review. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to pass on that offer, and as it turns out GearBest carries some of the MagicYoYo line. I had been curious to try out some of the throws from Magicyoyo for awhile and this seemed like a good opportunity to do so. Skye was kind enough to send me a MagicYoYo M003 and N11, and I bought an N12 myself from the Return Top Shop here in Vancouver. I figured it might be expedient to review all three together, hence this MagicYoYo triple yo-yo review!


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review


When starting any new hobby, it is generally recommend that you cut your teeth on something inexpensive first just to make sure that you like hobby and want to stick with it. Thankfully, there are a number of companies such as MagicYoYo that are producing some rather excellent yo-yos at a budget price, and this means that one can get a really great unresponsive yo-yo right off the bat. In fact, as I continue to explore the world of budget yo-yos (my recent Plastic Yo-yo Shootout sort of started me down that path) I have discovered that one can buy some inexpensive yo-yos that have ridiculously good performance-to-price ratios. Beyond a certain point (probably somewhere around the $50-75 mark) performance simply does not increase linearly with price.  As most experienced throwers will know, one finds a rapidly diminishing return on performance for higher end yo-yos, and you don’t have to spend all that much to get a great yo-yo.

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at three of the throws from MagicYoYo. All of these have been around for some time now and have undoubtedly been reviewed elsewhere, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to revisit them. Thanks again to Skye Lee and GearBest for sending two of these yo-yos along, and Jeremy over at the Return Top Shop for putting aside an N12 for me.


MagicYoYo N11 Weight Ring

  • Diameter: 54.0 mm
  • Width: 42.0 mm
  • Weight: 64.7 grams (without weight rings, which add 2.9 grams)
  • Bearing: Size C, concave centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pad
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review


Let’s start with the N11, also called the “Weight Ring” yo-yo by MagicYoYo. It takes this name from the fact that it ships with two white silicone rings that can be inserted into the cups of the yo-yo in order to add some extra weight. Unfortunately, the rings included with mine were slightly warped and didn’t fit well, and using them caused my N11 to spin with an imbalance. Thankfully, the N11 works really well without the rings and is much more smooth (almost vibe free).

The N11 is the most compact of the three yo-yos here, and those of you who are fans of O-type shapes (like me) will probably quite like the N11 (again, like me). Actually I should qualify that statement, because the N11 isn’t quite a pure O-type shape. There is a small undercut groove near the response system, and one could probably argue that such a design adds in a hint of an H-type shape. In any case, the undercut groove is really nice because it helps give the string more clearance from the walls (an inherent problem with the classic O-type shape) and helps remove mass from the center of the yo-yo. That is win-win.

Overall, the N11 is a joy to throw. It is very comfortable and the aforementioned undercut gives it a more forgiving catch zone. There is a limit to this forgiveness because it is still an O-type shape, but it is decent in general. Spin and stability are both respectable with the N11, although nothing close to ground breaking. In terms of play, for some reason I want to describe the N11 as a MonkeyfingeR Tri-B with less refinement. The N11 noticeably struggles with finger grinds thanks to the polished finished that simply has too much friction. Hilariously enough, I found the N11 to be great for thumbnail grinds thanks to the cup groove that is meant for the silicone weight rings.

The MagicYoYo N11 retails for $10-20 USD depending on where you buy it, and for that price it is a stellar yo-yo. It would be decent yo-yo for beginner’s although I think the N12 (or some other non-O-type shape budget yo-yo) is a better place to start. For those that just love O-type yo-yos in general, the N11 is worth picking up just as a fun everyday yo-yo to chuck around without worry.


MagicYoYo N12 Shark Honor

  • Diameter: 55.0 mm
  • Width: 44.0 mm
  • Weight: 67.5 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, concave centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pad
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review


Whenever the question of budget yo-yos comes up in the Throwers community subreddit, the MagicYoYo N12 Shark Honor is invariably mentioned at least once (often more) as a highly recommend budget throw. And with good reason, as I have come to discover since buying one. It is simply a great yo-yo made all the better by its fantastic price.

The N12 uses a decently wide W-type shape with a generous catch zone. The N12 is also slightly larger and with more mass, and the shapes allows this mass to be pushed towards the rims and away from the center. The result is a yo-yo that plays with excellent spin and stability, and my N12 has only a hint of vibe (nothing deleterious). Unlike the N11, the N12 uses a sand blasted finish that looks and feel great, and works well for finger grinding.

Overall the performance is excellent, although admittedly it doesn’t keep up with true higher end yo-yos such as my Turning Point Leviathan 5. But to be fair, the N12 retails for only $15-20 USD, and it has the higher end yo-yos dead to rights in terms of its performance-to-price ratio. I can easily see why so many throwers recommend the MagicYoyo N12 as the go to budget unresponsive yo-yo.

The N12 is definitely a yo-yo that will be hard to outgrow as you improve. I could see someone buying the N12 and not really needing (wanting is another thing entirely) another throw for quite awhile. Anyone just starting out with unresponsive throwing would do well to consider the N12 as their first yo-yo. I also think that the N12 would also be a great yo-yo for any experienced thrower that wants an inexpensive yo-yo that still performs really well.


MagicYoYo M003 Prophet

  • Diameter: 56.5 mm
  • Width: 37.0 mm
  • Weight: 67.0 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pad
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review


I decided to talk about the MagicYoYo M003 Prophet last because it is a bit of an oddity, not only among the three yo-yos in this review but also in my collection as a whole. Take one look at the photos of it and I am sure you will see why. It is really narrow for a modern unresponsive yo-yo and, as I am sure you can imagine, that heavily influences how it plays. I guess I would describe the shape of the M003 as some kind of funky H/V-type hybrid, and it sort of makes me think of my One Drop Gradient if it were squished to a width of 37 mm.

At 67 grams the M003 has a decent amount of mass spread over an equally decent diameter. That in itself isn’t any big deal, but there is something about the design that gives the M003 a more weighty feel on the string compared to the N12 even though the latter is slightly heavier. I want to really use the word “chunky” to describe it for some reason. When you throw it, it just feels powerful in terms of its spin. Stability is not bad although it doesn’t feel quite as good as the N12, so perhaps there isn’t as much rim weight as there could be. The M003 is also not as comfortable to hold and throw as compared to the N11 and N12.

The narrow profile is both good and bad. Being narrow means that threading the M003 between strings during tricks is easier. However, that advantage is offset by the M003 naturally having a much more narrow catch zone, so you have to be that much more precise with your aim when moving string to string. I noticed this the most when doing whips and at first I missed certain whip tricks that I give almost no thought to on my other yo-yos. In some ways this is a good thing because using the M003 highlighted certain tricks where my aim and precision was lacking, and this led to some good learning moments.

Like the N12, the M003 has a sand blasted finish. However, the narrow profile causes my finger to make too much contact with the play walls to get any decent finger grinds from it. Unlike the N11 and N12, the M003 also uses a more standard centering bearing rather than a generic concave. Not that that matters too much, but I thought I should point it out. The price tag is slightly higher for the MagicYoYo M003 as well, retailing for $20-25 USD online. The performance-to-price ratio is still good, but I wouldn’t consider it as quite good as the N11 or N12. To me the M003 is a novelty that is definitely worth considering if you are looking for something a bit different or want something narrow to work on precision, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a starter yo-yo.


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review


Final Thoughts

Well, after trying these three yo-yos I have certainly gained respect for MagicYoYo and their throws. As I implied above several times, the performance-to-price ratio is incredible and possibly unmatched. That is certainly the case with the N12, and the N11 isn’t far behind. The M003 is a bit more of a novelty yo-yo that I would recommend only if you are looking for something different in an unresponsive yo-yo. In all cases, these yo-yos represent excellent value for the money.

I didn’t talk about this above because I always review yo-yos as they ship with the stock string and bearing, but each of these yo-yos could be improved further. The included strings and bearings are not bad but also not great, and swapping them out for some higher quality versions is a good move. I stuck an MFD Tasmanian Tornado ceramic hybrid bearing in my N12 and the sucker really sings! Yeah, I know, some of you are laughing at the idea of using a high end bearing in a budget yo-yo, but consider it from a cost point of view. A MagicYoYo N12 will cost less than $20 USD, and even if you go crazy and buy a $20 bearing (which I think is completely unnecessary as bearings go), you get a kick ass unresponsive metal yo-yo that will give yo-yo plenty of performance for less than $40 USD. That is amazing.

Anyway, there you have it, a MagicYoYo triple yo-yo review. If you are looking for an inexpensive yo-yo with great performance for the price, I recommend the N12 if you want something that will keep up with you for quite some time. The N11 is a wonderful little O-type throw if you prefer that shape, although if you had to choose just one then the N12 is the way to go for performance. The M003 is fun and unique, and will add something different to most collections, but I don’t recommend it for learning. The beauty of all three is that, no matter which you choose, you can’t beat the price!

Thanks to Mat B. for once again helping to edit this review.

As always, enjoying your throwing!


MagicYoYo Triple Yo-yo Review



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  1. Shtagod Kakovec says:

    Awesome review as always!
    Do you possibly know if listed weight for N11 is with or without the weight rings? And how much weight are they adding anyway?
    Thanks in advance!

    • JT JT says:

      Oh, great question! I am actually not sure now that you mention it. The rings feel quite light so I don’t think they account for much though. I will see if I can find out from MagicYoYo 🙂

      • Shtagod Kakovec says:

        So nice of you, but I guess I could ask them as well 🙂
        I just wondered if you happen to know, or have a scale at hand… no worries!

        • JT JT says:

          They actually did get back to me and it sounds like the weight above is without the rings, which add another 2.9 grams.

          • Shtagod Kakovec says:

            Thanks man! I was kind hoping that it is a weight with rings so I can take them off and play a cloud on the string.

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    Hi we want to Buy a lot of maqic yoyos
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