MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Review

I have to hand it to MonkeyfingeR Ray in that he is quite proactive in getting his stuff out for testing and review.  I have quite a few items from MonkeyfingeR Design still in the review pipeline from the care packages he sent to me when I purchased my Gelada 2.1 and Tri-B yo-yos. Because of the back log I wasn’t really considering doing yet another review of a MonkeyfingeR product.  Nonetheless after chatting with him I agreed to test and review the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil which officially launched a couple of weeks ago (this was also helped immensely by me getting a chance to try out a 2Evil thanks to Jeremy “Mr. YoyoThrower” McKay). As it turns out, I am glad I did because if I hadn’t then I would have missed out on trying this really unique and fun yo-yo.

Speaking of the official launch, it turns out that it didn’t go as planned. The 2Evil did launch here in Canada and in the UK on schedule (and sold out pretty quickly from what I understand), but the shipment to our American cousins got held up at the border. As a result, the launch in the US will be happening at some point in the near future once they arrive at YoYoExpert and YoYoSam.  I will update you on any developments regarding the new American launch date.

OK, on to the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil review!


Here is the TL;DR summary for those that want it: The MonkeyfingeR 2Evil is a fun yo-yo. It requires a bit more skill to make the most of but it comes packaged with a tonne of personality and is a joy to throw. If you are looking for an excellent higher level yo-yo, or one that is likely different from anything else you own, then you need to give the 2Evil a look.


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil


The MonkeyfingeR 2Evil

So first let me give you a bit of history behind this new yo-yo from MonkeyfingeR.  Actually, “new” is probably a touch inaccurate, and “redesign” would be closer to the mark.  The 2Evil is really a reincarnation of the Evil Yo, which happens to be the yo-yo that started it all for MonkeyfingeR. The original Evil Yo was considered to be a bit extreme in terms of shape and colourways, and Ray himself readily admits in hindsight that there were some shortcomings in the design.  Since then they have learned a lot of important lessons, and Ray wanted to go back and take another shot at Evil Yo to improve upon the design.  The MonkeyfingeR 2Evil is the result.

I have only spent a superfluous amount of time throwing the original Evil Yo, so I can’t really give you much insight on it. What I can tell you is that the design of the 2Evil tempers the original shape somewhat, although the colourways are still pretty much in your face. It is worth noting that the plan is to have the 2Evil remain in the MonkeyfingeR lineup of for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of lineups, those that know me know that I like to think of products from any one company in terms of line placement. What I mean is, I like to understand what role or niche any given product fills in an overall product line. The same is true for me and yo-yos. One thing that strikes me about the 2Evil is that it fits nicely into the MonkeyfingeR lineup. You have the Gelada 2.1 for more laid back play and learning, the Tri-B for a good transitional and middle-of-the-road play, and the 2Evil at the more advanced end of the spectrum. This was a spot that was recently occupied by the MonkeyfingeR Caesar, but since that yo-yo may or may not return (Ray isn’t sure) the 2Evil now fills that spot.

So let me give you the specs of the 2Evil and then we can take a deeper look at it.


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil


The 2Evil Specs

  • Diameter: 52.5 mm
  • Width: 42 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.3 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Bearing: Size C Tasmanian Tornado 10-ball centering
  • Response: MonkeyfingeR Monkey Snot



My 2Evil is made from 6061 aluminum and is the case for all of the standard 2Evil colourways. At the time of me writing this there is a 7075 version of the 2Evil available for custom orders.


Size and Shape

Without a doubt, the 2Evil is sitting on the smaller side of average. With a diameter of less than 54 mm and a fairly skinny width of only 42 mm, the 2Evil feels like it is dwarfed by almost everything else in my collection. In not for the width, it would even be smaller than my One Drop 54. If you like smaller throws then the 2Evil fit you nicely. The shape of the 2Evil is where it gets even more interesting. It is essentially an inverted O-type with a concave play area surface rather than a convex surface. I suppose this puts into some kind of H/V-type hybrid category. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly is the throw in my collection with the most distinct shape.

I should point out that the shape has been toned down and smoothed out as compared to the original Evil Yo. The play area surface is not as concave as the original Evil Yo. The outer rims have also been smoothed out, with the distinct ridge of the Evil Yo being removed. Overall the 2Evil is very comfortable in the hand and feels great to toss around. If you liked the original Evil Yo then I can’t see why you wouldn’t like the 2Evil even more. If you didn’t like the shape of the Evil Yo then you should be happy to know that the 2Evil improves and refines the shape.

Here is a visual comparison of the 2Evil with its siblings, the Gelada 2.1 (66.5 grams), the Tri-B (64 grams), and for good measure the One Drop 54 (63 grams).


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Comparison


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Comparison


Surface Finish

Look, let’s not kid ourselves here. If you like solid, muted, or just generally boring colourways then you might as well keep on walking because MonkeyfingeR is not going to do you any favours.  True to MonkeyfingeR form, Ray went nuts on most of the 2Evil colourways. Out of the seven standard colourways available, only two are what you might consider “toned down” in any way. I actually received one of those two milder colourways and even so it still smacked me in the face. MonkeyfingeR Ray is a master in anodization, so you can expect every 2Evil to have the same level of surface finish quality that he is known for. Just be aware that you might need to wear sunglasses while playing with any 2Evil.


Bearing and Response

The 2Evil, like all new MonkeyfingeR yo-yos going forward, ships with the Tasmanian Tornado ceramic hybrid bearing. Since I recently reviewed this new MonkeyfingeR bearing recently I will simply point towards that article if you would like to learn more about it. The bearing ships cleaned and pre-lubed with a tiny amount of the MonkeyfingeR Gorillius Lubricus lube, and it plays well. If you like centering bearings then I doubt you will feel the need to replace it. If you prefer flat bearings then you may opt to swap it out with something like a One Drop 10-ball flat bearing.

The response system is poured by hand using MonkeyfingeR’s own Monkey Snot. As per usual Ray poured the silicone to be slightly recessed into the response groove. This allows the 2Evil to bind nicely when needed and reduces the friction during play. I have appreciated this in my other MonkeyfingeR throws and the same is true for the 2Evil.


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil Bearing and Response



Time now to get down to the brass tacks and talk about how the 2Evil plays. The compact shape of the 2Evil means that its 65 grams of mass is not spread out in space. Because of this, the 2Evil tends to be a bit less forgiving than other throws since the compact size means a bit less floatiness and stability than other throws such as MonkeyfingeR’s own Gelada 2.1. The net result of all of this is that the 2Evil feels like a throw that is targeted at a more advanced player. There is less room for error in one’s throwing when using the 2Evil and I find that I need to be quite accurate in my technique to make the most of it. This is certainly not a bad thing but it does mean that the 2Evil is probably not the best yo-yo for a new player to start off with.

This leads me back to what I was saying earlier about the 2Evil fitting very nicely into the MonkeyfingeR lineup. If one wanted to only stick with MonkeyfingeR for purchasing yo-yos it would be feasible to start with a Gelada 2.1, move to the Tri-B, and then finish off with the 2Evil to complete your spectrum of progression. As always, bear in mind that such an opinion is purely subjective based on my throwing progression.

And now let’s forget all of that for a moment. Regardless of whatever skill level this yo-yo demands, I need to say that the 2Evil is a truck load of fun. There is a distinct “je ne sais quoi” quality about the 2Evil that I can’t put my finger on but that I really like. Even though it is more demanding than most other throws that I own I still really get a kick from chucking it around.  Perhaps it is the combination of the shape, feel, and colourway all working on my subconscious, but something about the 2Evil puts a smile on my face. Perhaps I need to add a “Big Smiles” category to the Cyyclical Core Throws just for the 2Evil.  In any case, I am really glad that Ray convinced me to give the 2Evil a look because I would have missed out on this experience otherwise.


Final Thoughts

So should you get the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil?  For most of you I would say “yes” although bear in mind my opinions are purely subjective. First off, if you are a huge MonkeyfingeR fan then you should pick one up if you haven’t already done so. If you are a intermediate to advanced thrower with a smaller collection and that is looking for something a bit different then chances are good that the 2Evil will fit well into your collection. If you are a avid collector with a massive number of throws then you probably already have something that will give you a similar experience. Then again, an avid collector would probably appreciate it as part of their collection regardless of how it feels or plays. The only throwing demographic that should perhaps avoid the 2Evil is the newer players that are still learning the basics and working on technique although I doubt it would take very long to grow into it.

Personally, I find the 2Evil to be a lot of fun even it is does demand excellent technique to get the most out of. That of course isn’t a bad thing since such throws will force one to improve technique and accuracy, and we should all be striving to up our game. Overall I find the MonkeyfingeR 2Evil to be an exciting yo-yo with exciting colourways, and I have a hard time imagining that others wouldn’t feel the same.

As always, enjoying your throwing!


MonkeyfingeR 2Evil



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