The Monthly Throw

So this is a piece of news that has been circulating the throwers Subreddit and social media circles quite a bit over the past few days. Thus, it won’t be much of a surprise for me to tell all of you about the new Montly Throw project that launched earlier this week. Still, I wanted to cover it anyway and to perhaps shed a bit more light on how it will work.

I spent some time yesterday speaking with Ryan Morrison, one of the guys behind the Monthly Throw project and the one who initially had the idea back at the beginning of the year. He tells a great anecdote about how the idea hit him while he was driving and he was so excited that he needed to pull over to collect his thoughts about it.

The idea is inspired by the Loot Crate website, which was new to me.  On that site, users can subscribe monthly in order to receive regular surprise boxes full of all kinds of interesting geek gear.  The Monthly Throw is essentially the same idea except with yo-yos and yo-yo related products.

There are four different tiers that users can subscribe to, and since there has been some confusion on how these tiers work, Ryan was kind enough to walk me through it so that I can pass along some accurate information.  Tiers 1-3 are all the same in their mechanics and differ only by the quality of the goodies in each surprise shipment and the schedule with which they ship.

Tier 1 costs $25 USD every three months and is billed in March, June, September, and December of each year.  The Tier 1 shipments go out in the following month after each payment (April, July, October, and January).  The throwing loot in these boxes will be worth approximately $30 USD.

Tier 2 costs $50 USD every three months and is billed in January, April, July, and October.  Again, the shipments go out the following month, and in this case are worth approximately $60 USD.

Tier 3 costs $100 USD every three months and is billed in February, May, August, and November, and again goes out the following month in each case.  These boxes are worth about $120 USD.

As you can see, the three tiers are staggered so that everyone is on a different schedule. The complete yearly schedule is posted on the Monthly Throw site, and is included below for you to check out.

Finally, there is a fourth tier that is quite a bit different.  Tier 4 costs $55 USD per month, billed every month.  The big difference here is that Tier 4 subscribers receive every box that ships out for the three lower tiers.  You get it all!

It is a really cool system and I hope that it really takes off, especially because Ryan and his team have assembled a very impressive list of some excellent yo-yo makers.  Even though each box will be a surprise, you can expect to get stuff from One Drop, Recess, MonkeyfingeR, among others.  Be sure to check out the Monthly Throw website for more information. I also recommend reading over the FAQ page for extra details.

The first surprise box ships out this coming July for Tier 1, and the deadline for that box for Tier 1 and 4 in June 20.  The 20th of each month is the deadline for subscribing to the relevant tier in order to get in on the following month’s shipment.

So check out the Monthly Throw project and see if this is something you want to get in on.  It seems like a great way to get a healthy stream of new throws for your collection, even they are all a surprise.


The Monthly Throw



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