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Radical Seas Oracle

About a month ago I noticed a post on Facebook by Jamelle Kent, the brains behind the Radical Seas Yo-Yo brand. Jamelle was showing...


MFD x AO2 Wukong Begleri

OK, boys and girls, time now for something completely different. MonkeyfingeR Ray is clearly not satisfied with simply producing fun yo-yos. I say that...


Sengoku Kenshin Incoming

[Update, March 30: the Sengoku Kenshin is now available via the Sengoku store.  Other retailers won’t be selling the Kenshin until April 15 according...


Gambit:Garden Yo-yo Video

[Update: due to a recent and rather unfortunate incident within the throwing community, Gambit has withdrawn from the community and removed all of his...