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Wukong Begleri Pre-order

Time to once again take a small break from chatting about yo-yos. Remember the recent information about the Wukong begleri that is incoming from...


The Monthly Throw

So this is a piece of news that has been circulating the throwers Subreddit and social media circles quite a bit over the past...


2015 MonkeyfingeR Omnibus

Yes sports fans, it is that wonderful time of year again when MonkeyfingeR releases its latest kick ass MonkeyfingeR Omnibus yo-yo set out into...


Rambler Yo-yo Sneak Peek

Very recently I received a message via Facebook from Justin Petty, the man behind The Traveling Throw project. Justin was curious to know if...


Radical Seas Oracle

About a month ago I noticed a post on Facebook by Jamelle Kent, the brains behind the Radical Seas Yo-Yo brand. Jamelle was showing...