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Masamune Review by HSYY

As of yet I haven’t really considered grabbing a yo-yo from Sengoku, a fairly new yo-yo maker out of Japan.  This is for two...


CLYW Orca and Borealis Restock

Ah yes, the mad rush of releases and restocks continues just in time for the Christmas rush.  This time it is Caribou Lodge that...


YYWS Halyard Launch

It is finally happening!  The YYWS Halyard has finally arrived and will be hitting YoYoExpert tomorrow, December 10!  I am very excited to share...


KiCKSTART Yo-yo Indiegogo

So I was hanging around on the Throwers IRC chat this morning (check out the link at the top of the site if you...


We Are Throwers Trailer

I first heard about the We Are Throwers documentary back in the summer during its Indiegogo campaign, but to be honest I haven’t really...


YYT Civility 2.0 Now Available

I think I mentioned this recently, but YoYoTricks has been in the process of redesigning their very own Civility yo-yo to give it a...