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We Are Throwers Trailer

I first heard about the We Are Throwers documentary back in the summer during its Indiegogo campaign, but to be honest I haven’t really...


YYT Civility 2.0 Now Available

I think I mentioned this recently, but YoYoTricks has been in the process of redesigning their very own Civility yo-yo to give it a...


Terrarian Review by HSYY

I going to be completely upfront and say that I don’t get the Terrarian.  I mean, I get the whole connection to the video...


G2 Twelve Days of Xmas Contest

Here is yet another score for the /r/Throwers Subreddit.  Jake from GSquared Yoyos is holding a little Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway for anyone...


On the Wild Side Contest

[Update, December 16: the deadline for the contest has been extended to December 21 in order to give the new MFD Zoo members a...


Luftverk Octavia Launch

I mentioned the Luftverk Octavia recently and gave you the heads up that it was releasing sometime at the beginning of December.  Well good...