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King Yo Star Pun Review

OK, full disclosure time, boys and girls.  I have to admit right up front that I know Jeremy “Mr. YoyoThrower” McKay personally, and that...


Rookie Yo-yo Video Contest

The recent release of the Throwers Community Video, the /r/Throwers Subreddit community has seen a bit of an explosion in terms of new members. ...


YoYoExpert Mystery Boxes 2015

Those of you who are fairly new to the throwing scene may not know about this, but every year around American Thanksgiving YoYoExpert sells...


YoYoTricks Mighty Flea Contest

I am guessing that Adam Bottiglia and crew were happy with how their first contest went because they are running their second YoYoTricks Mighty...


CLYW Borealis Launch

Here is some exciting news out of CLYW this morning.  The new signature throw of Zach Gormley, the Borealis, is set to officially launch...