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King Yo Star Video Contest

Jeremy “Mr. YoyoThrower” McKey announced today that he and King Yo Star are holding a little yo-yo video contest that runs from now until...


YoYoExpert 7th Anniversary Sale

It doesn’t happen all that often each year, but at certain times YoYoExpert gives the throwing community the wonderful gift of a store wide...


One to Watch: The Ovation

Those of you who follow the throwing community, particularly the community forums hosted by YoYoExpert, are likely aware of Amplified Return Tops (ART).  This...


Rebirth Review by HSYY

I know quite a few throwers out there that have been curious about the new One Drop Rebirth.  If that is the case for...


The Marvel Hits Tonight

I gave you a heads up about this a couple of weeks ago, but just to ensure that everyone knows about it, the GSquared...