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The 2SickYoYos Knight Approaches

Here is another interesting bit of news that I noticed last night via Instagram, and then saw again both on the /r/Throwers Subreddit (which...


CLYW Restock Inbound

The past few months seem to have been a whirlwind of restocks for many of the CLYW throws, and here we go again!  I...


YoYoTricks Mighty Flea Contest

I really like the YoYoTricks.com site and store.  Not only do they make some of the best learning videos around, but they spend a...


The Marvel is Returning

I am quite annoyed with myself that I missed out on the initial release of the GSquared Marvel back in June.  Actually it wasn’t...


Introducing the Spotlight Series

As someone who is now in his second year of throwing, I have only more recently started getting involved in the greater yo-yo community. ...