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Unspoken Yoyos

Last week on the Throwers subreddit there was a quick announcement regarding a new yo-yo project dubbed Unspoken Yoyos. This project is the collaboration...


One Drop Prescription Incoming

Oh yes! One Drop is once again creating a sensation with the announcement of yet another yo-yo that looks rather excellent. This time it...


GSquared Hawk Review

Welcome to the joint review of the GSquared Hawk, the little speed demon yo-yo designed by Jake Gross!   Well, this has been a...


GSquared Warthog Incoming

Well, I am currently working feverishly to put the final touches on the joint review of the GSquared Hawk. In the meantime, I have...


Deadly SpINS Greed Available

So here is some more interesting news that I ran across on the Throwers Reddit. Apparently Deadly SpINS released their latest yo-yo last week,...