General-Yo Prophecy Restock

I haven’t tried any of the throws from General-Yo, but I have heard good things about their stuff, including the Prophecy.  As it happens, if you have been curious about the General-Yo Prophecy and have been waiting to grab one then you will be happy to know that the second production run is complete and heading to online stores.  The Prophecy restock is underway!

Some of my throwing friends have tried the Prophecy and seem to like it.  Plus, Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo spoke quite highly of it as well.  The Prophecy’s V-like shape has an almost subtle O-shape curve added in, and it sounds like it has both comfort and performance.  That is all hearsay for me since (as I said) I haven’t tried one, but I have no reason to doubt the word of others.  It looks like a throw I would really enjoy, and this latest run has some simple and yet fun colour designs.

If you are interested in grabbing a General-Yo Prophecy then keep an eye on YoYoExpert since, according to the YYE forums, General-Yo shipped some Prophecies to them a couple of days ago.  Or if you can’t wait, the Prophecy restock has already happened over at YoYo Loco.





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