Rain City Skills Fidget Slinger Review

Welcome to the review of the Rain City Skills Fidget Slinger, the first begleri from Jeremy “Mr. Yoyothrower” McKay and the first review from community member YeTI!


[Note from JT: this is the first review from throwing community member YeTI, which I hope will be the first of many. This is also the first review of a product from Rain City Skills, and I believe we will see more from them in the future.]


First of all, let me start by saying that the unique packaging really sets the mood for what is inside. When I opened the jar (yes, I said jar) and first observed what was in front of me, I could already tell I was going to be impressed. Rain City Skills (a new company from Jeremy “Mr. Yoyothrower” McKay) have come out strong with their first offering being what they call the Fidget Slinger.

I am the kind of person that likes to tinker with anything I can get my hands on and so this particular toy is right up my ally. Not only are the beads completely customizable, but out of the jar you also have various fun and different set-ups thank to the cylindrical shape, two bearings, a variety of hex nuts, and caps which let you spin the beads on the cord. You can also choose either the 330 or 550 paracord as you prefer. I couldn’t wait to mix it up, so not only did I try all of the different options given but I also gave them a whirl with the MFD Chords and my set of Aroundsquare Micro Hydra beads.


Rain City Skills Fidget Slinger Review - Cyyclical.com


Jeremy did some deep thinking when he put these together. The fact that we can set them up with many weight variation for different styles of play is awesome. The feel of them is amazing. You can bounce them off of your hands or chest and the bearings let it roll off. In fact, this actually gives you access to a few new fun flare tricks if you are creative. They track well and fly straight whenever flung into the air. With all of the customization options you can quickly find the perfect set-up to that gives you the flow you need for transitions from mount to mount and every trick in between.

Besides the included options, the Fidget Slinger can also use MFD Monkey Bars and (as I mentioned above) Aroundsquare Micro Hydra beads. Essentially, the Rain City Begleri Fidget Slinger gives you feel of multiple begleri from one set. Add to that to the additional fidget spinning, there is a world of new tricks to be learned and created.


Rain City Skills Fidget Slinger Review - Cyyclical.com


Break Down

  • I give the swing time a 10. With all the different set-ups and weight variations available, you can find the the swing flow that works perfectly for you.
    For the design, I give the Fidget Slinger a 9. They are very different from the other begleri available on the market today.
  • With the ability to sling or spin the beads, plus all of the customization options, the design is great overall.
  • Overall, after spending a week of trying different styles and weights, I give the Fidget Slinger a 9. They are easily the most customizable begleri out there with a great shape and feel, all in one package.

On a bit of a side note, the beads do come apart often during slinging. That bugged me a little bit at first. However, Jeremy showed me how to use the elastics to stop them although I found that this solution didn’t work quite as well with thinner paracord. But I did find a simple solution: if I tied a knot in front and behind the beads, they would stay secure and still spin with ease. This doesn’t detract from how great the Fidget Slinger is overall in my opinion, but it is something to keep in mind.

By the way, if you want to learn more about the Rain City Begleri Fidget Slinger then I recommend checking out the video below from Jeremy. Enjoy!


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