Rambler Yo-yo Sneak Peek

Very recently I received a message via Facebook from Justin Petty, the man behind The Traveling Throw project. Justin was curious to know if I was interested in learning more about the brand new Rambler yo-yo that The Traveling Throw is designing, and also to see if I would be interested in doing a review of it down the road.

It could go without saying that I said “yes” to both of those things.

While getting my hands on a Rambler for review is still down the road, Justin was kind enough to send me the specs and a few images of the Rambler yo-yo prototype to share with everyone, which you can check out below. As you can see, the Rambler is a V-type throw with some nice curves added to it.  Actually I suppose a V/O-type hybrid might be a better description.  In any case, it looks great and I am excited to see more about the Ramble in the future.

The Rambler is actually being developed as the signature throw of Luke Trautwein, one of team members for The Traveling Throw. Luke wanted something that was fast, stable, nimble, and yet still comfortable.  Justin mentioned that the prototype is so far ticking off all of those boxes and they are very happy with how it is progressing.

Watch for the Rambler yo-yo to launch sometime towards June of this year.


Rambler Specs

  • Diameter: 55 mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Response: MonkeyfingeR Monkey Snot
  • Bearing: MonkeyfingeR Tasmanian Tornado centering hydrid ceramic


Rambler Yo-yo Sneak Peek


Rambler Yo-yo Sneak Peek


Rambler Yo-yo Sneak Peek



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