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Those of us that hang out on the Throwers Reddit have been teased over the past few days by SF Yoyos. Basically, they showed up suddenly and announced the release of a new yo-yo and…well, that was about it. OK, that is quite true since they have been some pictures, some specs, and some videos. But for the most part, we know very little about the yo-yo other than it launches later today at 7pm EST.

I don’t even know if this new SF Yoyo has an actual name. The guys over at SF Yoyos were kind enough to send me some extra pictures of the yo-yo that you can see below. Some of the specs were also revealed. Other than that, we will have to wait until later today to see more I guess.┬áThose that have had a chance to try it are giving it high praise, so that is a good sign. Keep an eye on the SF Yoyos website and Instagram for more information.


SF Yoyo Specs

  • Diameter: 56.0 mm
  • Width: 42.0 mm
  • Weight: 64.4 grams


SF Yoyos


SF Yoyos



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  1. They sure do look sexy!

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