Smashing YoYo Company Spectacle Incoming

Jordan Blofeld and the Smashing YoYo Company team are clearly not sitting still. There is a continual flurry of news from them ever since they started putting out yo-yos last year. Today brings the announcement of yet another incoming yo-yo from them. This time it is the Smashing YoYo Company Spectacle that is on deck!

Jordan had sent me pictures of the Spectacle prototype awhile back and this is a yo-yo that I think should get people excited. The Spectacle is a great looking bi-metal yo-yo sporting a O-type design with just a hint of H-type near the rim. Think the Ti-Walker or GSquared Hawk and you will get the idea. The Spectacle is machined from 7075 aluminum and sports some outer-rim stainless steel weight rings.

The Smashing YoYo Company Spectacle will hit on April 1 starting at £100. Check out the official announcement for more details, and get your wallets ready!


Spectacle Specs

  • Diameter: 54.0 mm
  • Width: 44.0 mm
  • Weight: 63.3 grams
  • Response: 19 mm slim pads
  • Materials: 7075 aluminum with stainless steel rims






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