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Hideyoshi Review by HSYY

Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo is continuing his mission to review all things Sengoku.  Time time he has reviewed what might be...


Vanguard Review by HSYY

First off, Happy New Year! Let’s start off 2016 with some review news.  Chris Rhoads is continuing his campaign to review pretty much every...


Terrarian Review by HSYY

I going to be completely upfront and say that I don’t get the Terrarian.  I mean, I get the whole connection to the video...


Armament Review by HSYY

Over the weekend, Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo published a new review of the YoYo Workshop Armament.  I am a big fan...


Rebirth Review by HSYY

I know quite a few throwers out there that have been curious about the new One Drop Rebirth.  If that is the case for...