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First off, Happy New Year!

Let’s start off 2016 with some review news.  Chris Rhoads is continuing his campaign to review pretty much every yo-yo under the sun by publishing a brand new One Drop Vanguard review on the High Speed YoYo website.  My hat is off to him for being such a prolific reviewer.  I can barely find time to do a review here and there, but it seems like Chris cranks them out non-stop.  Kudos!

Unlike you are brand new to the throwing community, or I suppose living under a rock, then chances are you have already heard about the One Drop Vanguard and been excited by it.  One Drop have really been pushing the envelope in trying to make high quality yo-yos for continually decreasing cost, and the Vanguard is the latest effort in that regard.  A good metal throw that is machined in the US and that costs less than $50 USD seems like a pipe dream, but One Drop have managed to crack that nut.  Here is an excerpt from Chris’ review:

“This was not the yo-yo I was expecting when I first heard about the Vanguard. The design is pretty intricate for a budget throw. The organic/H-shape profile shows large rims with a step down transition to the rounded catch zone. In the catch there is a second, smaller transition before dropping to the step out near the gap. Quite a few of these are design features that we normally see in premium products.”

You can check out the full One Drop Vanguard review over at High Speed YoYo.  Enjoy!


Vanguard Review by HSYY



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