Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review

Welcome to the Vosun triple yo-yo review here on Cyyclical where I have a look a three of the newer yo-yos in Vosun’s lineup!


As many of you will remember from last summer, I reviewed the Vosun Vanquish and was quite taken with it. I still am, actually, and I use it on a regular basis. In general, Vosun has been gaining a reputation for producing quality yo-yos that sell for reasonable prices, making them excellent value for the money.

My good friend Jeremy McKay over at the Return Top Shop here in Vancouver was kind enough to slide over some other new Vosun yo-yos for me to try out and review. In order to save time I thought I would review all three of these Vosun yo-yo together, much like I did last year for MagicYoYo.

Fair warning: while I am under no obligation to give these yo-yos a positive review, I did want to return the favour to Jeremy by providing links to the Return Top Shop. Actually, this isn’t as biased as it sounds. The Return Top Shop seems to be the only online store in North America that carries many of Vosun’s products, so if you want one your choices are limited. The upshot of this is that Jeremy sells everything is Canadian dollars, meaning that our friends in the USA get a great deal thanks to the weak exchange rate. Thus, I provide links to these yo-yos at the Return Top Shop to make them easier to find if you are interested in any of them.

Anyway, enough about that. Thanks to Jeremy for passing along these Vosun yo-yos. On to the Vosun Triple yo-yo review!


Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review - Cyyclical.com


Vosun Galsang

  • Diameter: 56.0 mm
  • Width: 41.5 mm
  • Weight: 66.0 grams
  • Bearing: Size C grooved concave centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pads
  • Material: 6061 aluminum, stainless steel rings


Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review - Cyyclical.com


Let’s start off with the yo-yo that I think will have the most mainstream appeal. The Galsang is a part of Vosun’s premium collection and represents a reasonably cost effective way to try out a bi-metal yo-yo. Having said that, I think most would be hard pressed to tell that it is a bi-metal throw during play.

That sounds a bit negative so let me just say that I really like the Galsang and find it to be a great yo-yo. Regular readers of the site will know that the H/O-type hybrid shape used by other throws such as the Ti-Walker, G2 Hawk, and MFD Prime8 is probably my favourite shape in general. The Galsang uses the same H/O-type hybrid shape, and for that reason alone I will give it a thumbs up. Like the other throws with such a shape, the Galsang comprises an excellent balance between comfort, stability, and performance.

The stainless steel inserts undoubtedly help with the spin and stability, although they are quite small. My gut is that they aren’t doing nearly as much as one might expect from a typical bi-metal. They certainly don’t hurt though, and they look great too with some nice engraving. Besides, since you can find the Galsang online around $50 USD, it is still a great value bi-metal yo-yo for the money. Hell, even if you ignore the bi-metal aspect, the Galsang is a nice yo-yo for the money.


Mini Yay, Nay, Could-go-either-way Summary

+ The Galsang is a great combination of performance, stability, comfort, and value for the money.

Not great for thumb grinds or horizontal finger spins.

+/- I am not entirely sure the stainless steel rings do much, but they don’t hurt and look great.


Vosun Zebra

  • Diameter: 51.5 mm
  • Width: 39.0 mm
  • Weight: 65.2 grams
  • Bearing: Size C concave centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pads
  • Material: 6061 aluminum


Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review - Cyyclical.com


The Zebra is a move by Vosun to explore the smaller side of things. Using a classic O-type shape, the undersized Zebra is both undersized and understated. But one has to keep in mind that as the size decreases any given yo-yo becomes more and more niche.

Even though the width and diameter are squarely planted in the undersized category, the Zebra still packs in a respectable weight of 65 grams. This allows for some decent power to be imparted into the spin. Stability is not bad for its size, although the nature of undersized yo-yos means that it won’t match the stability of a mid or full sized yo-yo. This probably isn’t helped by the shape, and undersized yo-yos using shapes like W-type or H-type would likely fare better.

Having said all that, the Zebra is still a nice undersized yo-yo with a quality feel. And as expected with Vosun, it really wins out in the price. At around $20 USD, the Zebra is a great way to try out an undersized yo-yo without a huge investment. This is worth keeping in mind, because many throwers seem to have a love it or hate it relationship with undersized yo-yos. Thus, if you haven’t tried out an undersized yo-yo then the Zebra is a great option. It is also a great option if you already like undersized throws and want a low cost yo-yo for everyday use.

I should also mention that the Zebra can be easily modded to be responsive, making it a decent and cost effective starter yo-yo for newer players. Vosun doesn’t ship the Zebra with the shorter axle and slim bearing for modding, but Jeremy at the Return Top Shop actually ships the Zebra as responsive and includes the unresponsive axle and bearing in the box. That is something to consider if you are looking for a nice starter metal yo-yo.


Mini Yay, Nay, Could-go-either-way Summary

+ The Zebra is an inexpensive option for trying an undersized yo-yo, and can be modded as responsive for new throwers.

Not useful for thumb grinds. Finger spins are so-so.

+/- The Zebra uses a fairly simple classic shape, and enjoying an undersized yo-yo will vary player to player.


Vosun Rogue

  • Diameter: 56.2 mm
  • Width: 44.6 mm
  • Weight: 65.3 grams
  • Bearing: Size C grooved concave centering
  • Response: 19mm silicone pads
  • Material: 6061 aluminum


Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review - Cyyclical.com


Finally, we come to the Vosun Rogue. Of the three Vosun yo-yos discussed here, the Rogue feels the most unique and consequently the most niche, at least to me.

The Rogue utilizes a concave V-type shape, which many would call H-type but what I have come to refer to a “U-type”. Something about the shape and feel makes it seem extreme to me. Looking at the profile of the Rogue, you can see that the rims come to a fairly fine point, and when I first saw it I wondered where the rim weight would come from. The answer is the rather hefty amount of material added inside the cup around the rims. The upshot of this, besides the obvious rim weight, is that it creates a distinct cavity around the hub that is decent for horizontal finger spins (something that the other two yo-yos in this article are not terribly great at).

Of course, like many V-type or U-type throws, this shapes means that the catch zone is quite generous. Performance is good I suppose, but I am just not a huge fan of the feel of this type of shape in general. But that is just me and your mileage may vary. Regardless, as with every other Vosun yo-yo the barrier to purchasing a Rogue is low, and you can find one online for around $40 USD. If you have been curious about this type of shape then the Rogue is a good choice, because even if you don’t like it you didn’t spend a huge amount to get it.


Mini Yay, Nay, Could-go-either-way Summary

+ The Rogue is an inexpensive option for trying what will be a more extreme shape for many throwers. It is also better for finger spins than the other Vosun yo-yos.

That said, the shape feels more extreme than I like, and it isn’t terribly comfortable to throw.

+/- Given the more extreme shape, the Rogue’s value for the money will depend on whether you actually dig it or not. That is true for any yo-yo, but it just strikes me as being more of a gamble with the Rogue.


Final Thoughts

Vosun continues to produce inexpensive yo-yos with excellent production quality. While I didn’t directly talk about this above, all three yo-yos feel well made, well balanced, and spin smoothly. If you don’t see the need to spend a lot of money on a yo-yo then Vosun’s products are well worth a look. And that is always the big take away message with Vosun’s yo-yos: you get a great yo-yo for a great price.

Having said that, be sure to consider what kind of yo-yo you are after. If you want something well rounded and more mainstream then the Galsang is a good option, as well as many of the other Vosun mid/full size yo-yos (such as the Vanquish). The Zebra and Rogue are more niche yo-yos in my opinion. Both have a place in a collection for those wanting something a bit outside of typical, but of the three yo-yos discussed here the Galsang is the winner by far and is well worth considering.


So there you have it, a triple yo-yo review of some of Vosun’s latest throws. As always, thanks to MonkeyfingeR Design for providing all of the Ape Hanger strings used for this and other reviews. Enjoy your throwing!


Vosun Triple Yo-yo Review - Cyyclical.com




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