Yo-yo Life Hacks: Inexpensive Yo-yo Spare Parts Organizers

When beginners take their first steps into throwing they generally pick up an inexpensive yo-yo, probably a few extra strings, and perhaps a bottle of bearing lube.  However, if you are like me then it won’t take very long for you to expand your yo-yo collection, and in parallel you will very likely accumulate a whole bunch of extra parts and accessories such as different types of strings, bearings, response pads, tools, and so on.  It can quickly become a pain to keep everything organized.

They are several options available from yo-yo retailers that are specifically made for organizing spare parts.  While these are quite good, they also tend to be more expensive than I think is necessary.  Thankfully there are some very good and inexpensive options out there for yo-yo spare parts organizers.  The option I went with involved picking up some adjustable organizer cases from my local hardware store, which you can check out below.  These organizers come in a variety of sizes and have removable dividers that allow you to adjust the compartment sizes as needed.  As you can see below, I have one case for my strings and another for bearings and axles.

The best part about these organizers is that they are really inexpensive.  Together the two cases shown below cost me about $10 USD, which is less than half of what many actual yo-yo spare parts organizers sell for.  If you are looking for a great option for organizing your spare parts, I highly recommend checking this out.  Your local hardware store will have some, or you can search online stores such as Amazon for “small parts organizers” and that should point you in the right direction.


Inexpensive Yo-yo Spare Parts Organizers


Inexpensive Yo-yo Spare Parts Organizers


Inexpensive Yo-yo Spare Parts Organizers



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