YoYoTricks Bind Theory Video

First off, I apologize for being a bit slow on posting this past week, as I have been super busy with my day job. As a result I have neglected posting about some rather interesting yo-yo news.  Case in point is the recent Bind Theory video produced by the wonderful guys over at YoYoTricks, which you can check out below. They certainly are prolific when it comes to producing high quality yo-yo videos!

The Bind Theory video is actually a bit of a departure from their normal tutorial and (to a lesser extent) news videos. Rather, this latest video dives into exactly what you are assuming and that is a closer look at how binds work with an unresponsive yo-yo. If you have ever been curious about just how binds works in terms of the string, bearing, and response system then this video is very interesting to watch. Plus, there are plenty of tips for improving one’s binding technique. For those that are still learning various binds this video will provide some insight about why the various binds work, and perhaps even how to discover new binds on your own.

Thanks to the guys at YoYoTricks for taking the time to bring us the Bind Theory video!




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