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I really like the YoYoTricks.com site and store.  Not only do they make some of the best learning videos around, but they spend a lot of time putting together a streamlined stock of great yo-yos and yo-yo packages for throwers of all skill levels.  Most of my early yo-yos were purchased from them, and even though I have moved on to buying most of my yo-yos directly from the manufacturers I still have a big soft spot in my heart for YYT.  And despite my yo-yo collection expanding greatly in the past year I still use the YYT Civility for a lot of my throwing, especially when I am learning new tricks.

OK that is enough mushiness for one post, so let’s crack along.  The good folks over at YoYoTricks have just announced a brand new contest that some of you may want to get in on, although you will need a Mighty Flea from YoYoFactory in order to participate.  On October 14, this coming Monday, YYT will upload a video of a trick using the Mighty Flea.  All you have to do is do the same trick with the same yo-yo and then upload it as your entry.  There are some other very specific requirements that you must follow, so please make sure you read over the contest details carefully!  For example, the contest is only open to US residents.  Oh, and if you need a Mighty Flea you should order one ASAP.  YYT will be happy to help you out with that.

The prize is a one of a kind Civility prototype, and the winner will be chosen at random on October 20 from all valid entries .  The video below describes the Mighty Flea contest, as well as giving a new update regarding YoYoTricks. I am excited to hear that a new Civility is on the way. Check it out!




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