YYR Draupnir Restock

I spend a fair amount of time hanging out in the online throwing community via the Throwers subreddit and IRC (both of which you can find links to at the top of the site).  It is pretty clear to me from the discussions that the Draupnir from Yoyorecreation is considered by many to be the holy grail of yo-yos.  Well, if you have been curious about the Draupnir or have been eagerly waiting for a chance to grab one then you will be interested to know that there is a Draupnir restock happening later today on YoYoExpert.

I have yet to try a Draupnir or any other throw from YYR.  In the case of the Draupnir it seems that they don’t hit all that often and when they do they are snapped up quickly.  From those that aren’t familiar, the Draupnir is a bi-metal yo-yo that uses a combination of 7075 aluminum, stainless steel rim rings, and an NSK DS bearing (also considered by many to be a holy grail in its own right).  Oh, and it will set you back a staggering $230 USD which starting to approach the price of titanium throws.

That happens to be a little too rich for my blood, but it sounds like the Draupnir is well worth the price if you are willing to shell out the cash.  The Draupnir restock happens at 8 pm EST tonight (January 21) so get your wallets ready!


Yoyorecreation Draupnir Restock on YYE




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