YoYoTricks Mighty Flea Contest

I am guessing that Adam Bottiglia and crew were happy with how their first contest went because they are running their second YoYoTricks Mighty Flea contest as we speak.  If you happen to own a Mighty Flea yo-yo then this is definitely one you should check out.

Like last time, the idea is to record yourself doing a specific trick (Buddha’s Revenge in this case) and post it on Instagram for all to see.  Even though Buddha’s Revenge is a fairly simple trick, hitting it or anything other trick on a Mighty Flea takes a bit more precision than usual.  Even so, if you own a Mighty Flea it shouldn’t really be all that difficult to whip up an entry.  Given that the prize this time is a brand new YYF Nightmare prototype yo-yo, I do recommend that everyone enter if they can.

As before there are some specific details that you need to know about the contest, so make sure you read over the YoYoTricks Mighty Flea contest page carefully.  The contest runs until this coming Friday, November 27, and is only open to US residents.  Oh, if you need a Mighty Flea then YoYoTricks will be happy to help you out with purchasing one if you are quick about it.




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