Armament Review by HSYY

Over the weekend, Chris Rhoads over at High Speed YoYo published a new review of the YoYo Workshop Armament.  I am a big fan of High Speed YoYo because it is a great resource for yo-yo reviews, and the Armament review is a great addition.  Plus, I was quite curious to see what Chris would think of the Armament since I reviewed it previously.  Here is a quick excerpt from the Armament review over on High Speed YoYo:

“As I said, this can be a fast yo-yo, which is not a bad thing. While it is quick and well suited for tech tricks, it didn’t feel hindered when I slowed it down to a pace I preferred. It never felt like it was being held back, but it shines brightest when going fast.”

Check out the full Armament review over on the High Speed YoYo to what else Chris thinks about this yo-yo from YoYo Workshop.  As a bonus, the photographs of the Vonboom Armament used in the review were taken by Victor Bazaz and really show off the colourway nicely.


Armament Review by HSYY





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