Changes to the Core Throws

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the Cyyclical Core Throws on the left side bar. In case some of you were curious as to why things have changed, I figured I should do a quick update.

First off, you have probably noticed that the GSquared Hawk quietly replaced the YoYo Workshop Armament as my “Need for Speed” throw. At some point there will be a review of the GSquared Hawk on here (spoiler alert: it is light, fast, and totally kicks ass), but instead of waiting for that I wanted to update ahead of time. It seems like the list should be updated as new throws become more relevant to me, rather than waiting for the review.

The second, and perhaps more important change, is that an entire category has been dropped and a new one added. The “On the Go” category was made redundant for a couple of reasons, but mostly it is because I realized that I wasn’t sticking to any one yo-yo for packing along with me like I used to. These days I grab whatever I feel like rather than what fits in my pocket nicely. Thus, there seemed little reason to keep a category that I wasn’t sticking to.

However, around about the same time I realized that I had created another category in my mind, thanks in no small part to me picking up the Turning Point Leviathan 5. Up until I purchased that yo-yo I didn’t really have any one throw that I would consider to be “the one” in my collection. The Leviathan 5 changed all that, and it is truly a step beyond anything else I own. In order to capture that, I created the “Holy Grail” category, which is essentially the one throw that I consider to outshine everything in my collection. If I was forced to keep only one yo-yo, that would be the one.

So there you have it. Oh, and you will have also noticed a new section called “The Latest Throws” which is simply my way of letting everyone know what I have acquired in the past month or so. It seemed like a good way to let everyone know how my collection is growing.

As always, enjoying your throwing!


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