CLYW Borealis Launch

Here is some exciting news out of CLYW this morning.  The new signature throw of Zach Gormley, the Borealis, is set to officially launch this coming Saturday, November 21!  Any new release from CLYW is always cause for excitement and it shouldn’t be any different for the CLYW Borealis.  In fact, I am guessing this will cause a bit of a frenzy (and I am more than happy to help stir that up).

The prototype of the Borealis is what Zach used when he took the top trophy at Worlds competition in Tokyo earlier this year (which you can watch below).  Even without evidence that I am sure we can expect the regular dose of high quality design and craftsmanship that we have come to expect from CLYW.  Check out the details of the CLYW Borealis and the launch on Saturday over on the official announcement page.  This initial run of the Borealis will only be sold via the CLYW store.  Get your wallet ready!


CLYW Borealis




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