CLYW Orca and Borealis Restock

Ah yes, the mad rush of releases and restocks continues just in time for the Christmas rush.  This time it is Caribou Lodge that is making some noise with the announcement that there is an CLYW Orca and Borealis restock happening tonight, December 15, at 10pm Eastern (7pm Pacific).

Actually, in one way this is more than just a simple restock.  This is the first run of splash Borealis colourways since it was first launched last month.  I haven’t yet given either of these throws a go, but I have heard good things about both.  Besides, let’s face facts…when does CLYW ever not produce a good yo-yo?

So, if you have been waiting to get your hands on an Orca or Borealis, or want another of either of each (or each, as the case may be), then watch for the restock tonight at 10pm Eastern.  You can see the full list of online retailers that will be handling the restock over on the official CLYW Orca and Borealis restock announcement.


CLYW Orca and Borealis Restock



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