CLYW Restock Inbound

The past few months seem to have been a whirlwind of restocks for many of the CLYW throws, and here we go again!  I noticed via the CLYW Instagram last night that there is an incoming restock of both the Orca, Harrison Lee’s signature yo-yo, and the Gnarwhal 2.  I myself have yet to grab any of the CLYW line up, but I have been seriously mulling over getting one of the Gnarwahl 2 throws.  Perhaps I should jump on this one since it sounds like a smaller run.

The restocks will be available for purchase tomorrow, October 15, starting at 7pM Pacific.  As usual, both of these restocks will be hitting YoYoExpert, but check the Orca Instagram and the Gnarwahl 2 Instagram announcements for the full list of stores that will be getting the restock.




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