CLYW Scout Restock

Oh Caribou Lodge, will you ever stop whipping us up into a frenzy? My gut feeling is probably not.  Case in point, there is CLYW Scout restock happening tomorrow evening, and this time around there is a new Scout colourway heading our way!

For those that don’t know (all two of you), the Scout from CLYW is the signature throw of Petr Kavka, and depending on how new to throwing you are that might or might not mean that much to you.  Regardless of who you are, having another chance to snag a Scout is always a great thing since all CLYW throws tend to be limited in supply and sell out fast.  The new Rainbow Trout colourway (shown below) looks especially nice and I imagine there will be a frantic stampede to grab one.

Speaking of ordering the Scout, there is a link to the list of online sellers in the CLYW Scout restock announcement that will give you heads up as to where to buy one.  So get ready your wallets ready, because the CLYW Scout restock happens tomorrow (February 4) at 10 pm EST.


CLYW Scout Restock




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