Rookie Yo-yo Video Contest

The recent release of the Throwers Community Video, the /r/Throwers Subreddit community has seen a bit of an explosion in terms of new members.  That is great to see!  Many of these new faces are brand new to throwing and are asking tonnes of great questions about what to buy and where to learn and so on.  In order to generate some extra interest for these new members, a new yo-yo video contest is being run in the /r/Throwers community that is specifically targeted at rookie players.

So, if you are still a newbie (and there is no shame in that…we were all newbies at some point) then I encourage you to check out the contest details on the /r/Throwers Subreddit and considering entering.  There are some great little prizes to be given away that would be great for new throwers.  Please make sure you read the yo-yo video contest details very carefully to make sure that your entry is valid.  The contest runs until December 6, so you have a bit of time to work on your entry.  Check it out!


Rookie Yo-yo Video Contest



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