The Cyyclical Core Throws

You may have noticed that a new list appeared on the left sidebar last week called The Cyyclical Core Throws.  I imagine that this is self explanatory for everyone but I would like to take a moment to talk about it anyway, at least as to what it will be used for.

This was an idea I took from some discussions I had with other members of the yo-yo community on the /r/Throwers Subreddit following the MonkeyfingeR Tri-B review.  Part of the conversation revolved around how the reviews might be more meaningful if each of them had some point of reference for comparison.  Rather than talking about each yo-yo in a vacuum, talking about each versus some other throw might be more valuable to those of you reading the review.  I liked the idea and hence the list was implemented.

The Cyyclical Core Throws represent the top five yo-yos in my collection that I use the most for any particular purpose.  After giving this some thought, I have distilled these down into five categories:

Back to School: the throw I use the most for working on new techniques and tricks.
Time to Chill: the throw I use most often for when I just want to relax and have fun.
Need for Speed: the throw I use for doing tricks at full speed.
Wild Card: my favourite throw that I feel could fulfill multiple roles.
On the Go: the throw I tend to take with me when I am out and about.

Please understand that this list is not represent the end-all-be-all of yo-yos.  Rather, this is the list of yo-yos in my own collection that I would take over everything else if I had to choose.  In the event of a fire will I grab my wife, my dogs, my guitars, and these five throws.

The main purpose of this list is to provide a benchmark for reviewing.  Going forward I will make reference to the list and talk about how any new yo-yo compares against these throws in one or more categories.  You may even see a new throw topple one of the throws from the list if I like it enough to start using it as one of my primaries.  I may even add more categories if warranted but for now I think it is sufficient.

I hope everyone will find this useful in the context of future reviews.  Please feel free to comment or send feedback about the list.

As always, enjoy your throwing!





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2 Responses

  1. Darren L says:

    Sounds great! Right now I’ve got an Axis Pulsefire as my learning throw, Rebellion Qilin for going fast, Singularity for some spice, and the YoYoJam Phenomizm for relaxed play or performances. It’s an odd selection with a whole lot of V shapes, but I like them.

    • JT JT says:

      Very nice! I suspect that if other players probably have a similar system in place even if it is only subconsciously 🙂

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