Cyyclical Feedback Survey Results

In case any of you are curious about the results of the recent Cyyclical feedback survey, I took some time to summarize everything. I should mention up front that I am hoping to  take the Cyyclical site down in the very near future in order to implement changes to the site. Many of the changes are a direct response to the feedback, so a big “Thanks!” to all of you that took the time to respond. Also, grats to Steven K. from Florida for winning the random draw for the CLYW Big Dipper!

Ok, onto the results!


Slider rating questions

How would you rate the layout of use of the site in terms of appearance? 65/100

How would you rate the layout of use of the site in terms of ease of use? 67/100

How would you rate the layout of use of the site in terms of ease of use? 71/100

For the yo-yo review articles, how do you like the format (layout, sections, etc)? 83/100

For the yo-yo reviews, how do you like the length? 80/100

For the yo-yo reviews, how useful do you find them for considering a new yo-yo? 80/100


Comment questions

Any suggestions for changing the site appearance or layout in general?

The comment answers for this questions were as varied as they were detailed. As is typical for opinion questions, for any given aspect there were often as many in favour and they were against. Having said that, there were a few clear messages that emerged:

  • The main page is a bit busy and cluttered, and some stream lining would be nice.
  • Make the Core Throw list link to the relevant reviews. [Done!]
  • Have an easy way to sort through the reviews.
  • The mobile version needs some love.
  • Have one sidebar instead of two.
  • Make the text easier to read.

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I am currently working on a new look for the site that I hope will address many of these issues. One person mentioned trying to get away from WordPress themes, and I wish I was good enough with web development to do that. But at the very least I will try to make the site look nicer with a better theme. Stay tuned!


Do you have any suggestions for improving the yo-yo reviews?

Again, the answers were varied and detailed. It was amusing to see so many people like one thing while others didn’t. For example, I had many people say “use more comparisons to other yo-yos” and yet a whole bunch of others say “don’t use comparisons to other yo-yos.”

In general most people are happy with the reviews, although once again there were some general themes that emerged:

  • Implement a pros/cons analysis.
  • Implement videos in some fashion.
  • Set up a benchmark system for testing new yo-yos and some kind of rating system.
  • Do more!
  • Joint reviews are great.

These are all great suggestions, and I am already working towards them. You will notice that the review format has already changed somewhat (see the recent GN Yoyo Phoenix review) to include a pros/cons list of sorts. I hope that this will make the review more well-rounded and balanced. I am also trying to figure out a decent rating system that would be meaningful (i.e. not too subjective).

Doing video reviews is something I would like to do, but currently I lack the hardware to pull it off. It also doesn’t help that I am camera shy. Nonetheless, I do have some ideas for implementing videos into the review process. Once I have the equipment and I will give this a shot to see how it goes.

I would love to do more reviews (solo or joint), but I am already pushed to the limit in terms of time. Plus, bear in mind that I purchase almost all of the yo-yos that I review so budget limitations do exist. As for the joint reviews, I love doing those and I hope to do more. If any of you out there happen to be decent writers and want to help out with joint reviews, please let me know.


Do you have any other feedback or suggestions about the site?

The answers to this questions were so varied that I can’t really summarize them easily. In general, everyone seems more or less happy with the Cyyclical project. It is great to have lots of support from the community and I hope to keep the site alive for quite some time.

There were a number of comments about getting more people working on the site. I would love to, but keep in mind that this site is funded by me and not by advertising. Thus, anyone else that wanted to work on it would have to do so as a volunteer (with possibly the occasional free yo-yo chucked in here and there). If any of you are interested in helping to create content, please do feel free to contact me.


And that is it! Thanks again to everyone who responded. As always, enjoy your throwing!


Cyyclical Feedback Survey



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