Eastern Canadian Regionals

I happened to be chatting with Wayne Ngan via Facebook yesterday, and he asked me to help spread the news about the Canadian Eastern Regional Return Top Championship competition that is rapidly approaching and that he is organizing.  This competition will be the primary event to determine seed placement in the Canadian National Yo-Yo Contest for throwers from Ontario and Quebec, although throwers from anywhere are welcome to compete for the prizes.

The Eastern Canadian Regionals are only a week away, being held in the Toronto area on November 21.  The deadline for registering is November 18 so you still have a few days to register if you are hoping to compete.  There are division for both yo-yos and kendamas, as follows:

  • Return top 1A
  • Return top open
  • Return top sport ladder
  • Kendama beginner battle ladder
  • Kendama intermediate battle ladder
  • Kendama mini games

If you are interested in taking part, or even in just attending, please check out all of the information on the ECR 2015 website and Facebook pages.


Eastern Canadian Regionals



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