The Executive Yo-yo Kickstarter

Update: the Executive yo-yo Kickstarter is now live!

As I have mentioned a number of times lately around the site, I am really on an undersized yo-yo kick as of late. For some reason I just really enjoy throwing smaller yo-yos and like how they play. For this reason I was quite excited to hear about the incoming Executive yo-yo Kickstarter that actually fires up tomorrow morning (July 5) at 7am Pacific.

The Executive is being brought to use by Doctor Popular and Ernest Kahn, and you can read more about this new miniature yo-yo over in the official announcement on Doc Pop’s website. I emailed Doc Pop for some more information and he was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at the Executive yo-yo Kickstarter. Better yet, he gave me permission to share some extra details with you.

The Executive yo-yo is being machined by One Drop, and you can check out the full specs below. During the Kickstarter there will be a special Kickstarter Green colour that will not be available again after the close of the campaign. There will also be a special blue/yellow swirl colourway (shown below) that will only be available during the first 24 hours of the campaign so you will need to act quickly to snag one of those. There will also be a bunch of other goodies available as part of the various reward tiers such as snagging one of the Executive prototypes, a shirt, and even a private lesson from Doc Pop (who happens to be a competition level yo-yo master).

So if you are into miniature yo-yos then you need to get your wallet ready for the launch of the Executive yo-yo Kickstarter tomorrow! Pledges that include the yo-yo will start at $75 USD.


Executive Specs

  • Diameter: 44.5 mm
  • Width:  30.3 mm
  • Weight:  54.0 grams
  • Bearing: Size C One Drop 10-ball flat
  • Response: One Drop Flow Groove pads
  • Material: 6061 aluminum


The Executive


The Executive Yo-yo


The Executive Yo-yo


The Executive Yo-yo



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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the project. We are so thrilled by the response from the community… and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. Wow!

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