GSquared Banshee Launch

Early this morning Jake Gross, the main GSquared man himself, emailed me some juicy information about the GSquared Banshee. The most important bit of information? The Banshee launches this Sunday only on the GSquared store!

The GSquared Banshee has gone through four version to reach its final form, and in each case performance for competitive play was the primary focus. Jake and GSquared worked hard to find the right amount of rim weight that strikes an excellent balance between spin, stability, and agility. That sounds really good to me. Check out the video below to get the full breakdown of the GSquared Banshee and its development.

Like I said, the GSquared Banshee will hit this coming Sunday, June 12, at 8pm EST on the GSquared store in solid colours only, starting at $99 USD. Get your wallets ready!


Banshee Specs

  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Weight: 66.8 grams
  • Bearing: Size Boss Rage and Boss Wrath (both included)
  • Response: Flowable silicone



G-Squared Banshee Launch



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