G-Squared Hawk Reveal

Jake Gross from GSquared YoYos has clearly been a busy boy lately.  Not only did he release a bunch of new Marvels a couple of months ago,  he has also been sending out a bunch of Banshee V1s and V2s.  And, even better, he has also been working towards his next release, the GSquared Hawk.

I emailed Jake right at the beginning of December asking for more information about the GSquared Hawk and he let me know that it was still in the works and that the official reveal would happen later in the month.  Well, I am happy to announce that the day has arrived and Jake was kind enough to email me the specs of the Hawk along with a photo to share with all of you.  And so, behold the new GSquared Hawk!


Hawk Specs

  • Weight: 62.4 grams
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Width: 41.3 mm
  • Bearing: Size C Boss Rage and Boss Wrath
  • Response: Flowable silicone (will fit G-Grip pads)


If you are like me, you probably did a double take at the weight.  A mere 62.4 grams?!  Wow, that seems really light.  Even my One Drop 54 weighs in at 63 grams.  The Hawk is going to be one small and light yo-yo, although Jake did mention in his email that the weight distribution is top notch and will still manage very impression spin times.

Watch for the G-Squared Hawk to hit the online stores in January of the new year.  Keep an eye on the GSquared Instagram for more details.


G-Squared Hawk



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