Paraglide Yoyo Holder Review

[Update, May 19: through a strange twist of fate, the details of which I won’t get into, I have now become involved with the Paraglide Holder company and will be helping to make the holders in the future. The review below was written long before any of this transpired, but nonetheless I wanted to be upfront about this turn of events. I am leaving this review online simply for reference purposes.]

[Update, February 19: Philip just informed me that based on the demand he needs to raise his prices somewhat to match the other holders at around $15 USD.  This is still a great bargain if you consider that you get to customize the colours and options.]

[Update, February 17: Philip decided today to change the name from Glide to Paraglide Yoyo Holders so as to not create confusion with the Yomega Glide yo-yo.  Paraglide works nicely anyway since the holder is made from paracords.]


I have been meaning to get a belt clip yo-yo holder for sometime now, but I never really got around to buying one until recently.  It so happens that “recently” occurred a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a Facebook post regarding Paraglide Yoyo Holders, a new venture by Philip Chan out of Toronto that (as you can guess) makes yo-yo holders.  So I reached out to Philip and ordered one that generally matched the Cyyclical colour scheme and it arrived last week.  I decided that I would give it a quick review in case any one out there has also been looking for a belt clip yo-yo holder and wants to consider the Paraglide as an option.


Glide Yoyo Holder


The Paraglide Yoyo Holder is fairly simple in concept, comprising a couple of braided paracords, a carabiner, a quick release sliding clip, and an optional die.  The braided cords loop back onto themselves to form a slipknot that can slide and tighten around pretty much any regular sized yo-yo, and the sliding clip holds everything in place.  Check out the product demo video from Philip below to get an idea of how it works.



This type of holder is not new and there are other companies out there that make a very similar product.  However, what is really nice about the Paraglide Yoyo Holder is both the price and the ability to customize the colour scheme.  The Paraglide only costs about $10 USD depending on the options you choose, such as adding a die to the end of the paracord as I did.  As far as I can tell, the similar holders from other companies sell for about $15 USD, so the Paraglide has them beat in price. [Update, February 19: Philip just informed me that based on the demand and the amount of time it is taking to keep up, he needs to raise his prices somewhat to match the other holders at around $15 USD.  This is still a great bargain if you consider that you get to customize the colours and options.]


Glide Yoyo Holder


Being able to have your Paraglide Yoyo Holder custom made using a variety of optional colours is just gravy.  Pretty much everything on the holder is available in more than one colour so you can mix and match to create whatever colour scheme you like (to some extent…the available colours are not unlimited).  As I said above, I went with colours that more or less matched the Cyyclical colours of blue and green, as you can see in the photos (although the neon green is almost a yellow).  Philip likes to give the creations names, so I chose “Cyyclical Motion” (lulz) as the name of mine.  The die at the end of the Paraglide is optional but since it only costs a buck more and adds a nice touch I can’t see anyone not opting to include one.


Glide Yoyo Holder


So the ability to customize the colours of the Paraglide Yoyo Holder, but how is it in actual use?  Great question, I am glad you asked.  Since this is my first belt clip holder I don’t really have a point of reference for comparison, but the Paraglide seems good to me.  Obviously, the carabiner makes it easy to clip it to a belt loop on my jeans and keep it securely in place.  The slip knot makes it easy to remove the yo-yo from the Paraglide, although it does take two hands to secure the yo-yo back into the holder.  The slip knot is not tight enough to hold the yo-yo in place without using the sliding clip but to be honest I think I would be nervous to trust it without the clip even if it were tighter.  I imagine that this situation is similar for most of the paracord yo-yo holders out there so not a bit deal.  All in all, I quite like mine.

So, there you have it.  The Paraglide Yoyo Holder is a great option for those that want to get a custom coloured belt clip yo-yo holder.  If you are interested in ordering one then I suggest that you check out the Paraglide Yoyo Holder Facebook page and get in touch with Philip to discuss grabbing your own custom Glide.

As always, enjoy your throwing!


Glide Yoyo Holder



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