GN Yoyo Phoenix Launch

Well, I have talked about the GN Yoyo Phoenix on a couple of occasions in the past, and finally it has arrived! The official launch of the Phoenix happens tomorrow, April 23, at 8pm EST!

Actually, the launch happens in two stages, the first being tomorrow and a second wave of the yo-yo hitting on April 26, also at 8pm EST.  I should point out that “wave” might be a bit misleading because this debut run of the Phoenix is extremely limited and there won’t be many available on either day.

For those that are just joining our program now, the GN Yoyo is a fairly big yo-yo with a really cool undercut design to help keep the weight down for such a sizable throw. It will be available in one of four colourways as shown below. If you are interested in snagging one of these bad boys then I suggest you get your trigger finger ready tomorrow or, failing that, on April 26. It will be sold only through the GN Yoyo store and will retail for $120 USD.


Phoenix Specs

  • Diameter: 59.5 mm
  • Width: 45.4 mm
  • Weight: 68.7 grams
  • Response: Monkey Snot flowable silicone
  • Bearing: Size C Buddha Whipple centering


GN Yoyo Phoenix



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