GSquared AL7 Hawk Incoming

Ah….Jake, Jake, Jake. Why do you always like to whip us up into a frenzy?

Yes, boys and girls, Jake Gross from GSquared is back at it, and this time it is a new run of the Hawks that is going to get us all worked up. More importantly, this is the first time that the GSquared AL7 Hawk will be making an appearance!

I actually own a regular Hawk, and it is a fantastic yo-yo. Small, light, comfortable, and really zippy. So zippy that I consider it to be the top yo-yo in my Need for Speed category (some of you may have noticed it show up on the left awhile back). As Jake mentioned in his official post on the Throwers subreddit, the GSquared Al7 Hawk plays completely differently.  This is thanks to the extra mass that puts it more in line with what we would consider more normal or average weight. You can check out the specs and images of the new AL7 Hawk below.

The GSquared AL7 Hawk will be available starting next week on July 13. It will retail for $125 USD and will be available at YoYoExpert and directly from GSquared. Get your wallets ready!


AL7 Hawk Specs

  • Diameter: 54.0 mm
  • Width:  41.3 mm
  • Weight:  64.7 grams
  • Bearing: Size Boss Rage grooved centering and Boss Wrath flat
  • Response: Flowable silicone
  • Material: 7075 aluminum


G-Sqaured AL7 Hawk


G-Sqaured AL7 Hawk



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