Introducing the Spotlight Series

As someone who is now in his second year of throwing, I have only more recently started getting involved in the greater yo-yo community.  This site is a direct result of that and is meant to be my way of contributing.  I have also recently started having more direct conversations with companies and more well known throwers.  During one of these direct interactions just a few days ago it occurred to me that it might be nice to highlight some of the yo-yo makers, stores, and community sites that have made a big impact on me.  Newer throwers out there might appreciate such information.  Or maybe not, but I am going glass-half-full and assuming the latter.  At the very least I would like to give kudos where it is due.

And so, in addition to the regular yo-yo related reviews that will start appearing on Cyyclical, I am going to slowly start writing short articles about the different yo-yo organizations (for lack of a better term) that have made a positive impression on me.  These posts will be sort of like reviews, but “review” sounds a bit too serious in this case and may perhaps give the wrong impression.  Thus, I will call these articles “Spotlights” and I hope that this will be useful information for some of you.

If any of you have suggestions or would like to share your own positive experiences about key members or companies in the yo-yo world, I would happy to hear from you and possibly post your opinions.  Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about this.

Watch for these Spotlight articles to start up in the very near future.




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