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So I was hanging around on the Throwers IRC chat this morning (check out the link at the top of the site if you want to come and hang out with us) when Jordan Blofeld mentioned the KiSKSTART yo-yo Indiegogo campaign that is currently running.  Of course, me being the curious type, I immediately headed over to check it out.  Side note: I find it funny that a yo-yo named the KiCKSTART isn’t actually raising funds via Kickstarter.

The KiCKSTART is a brand new yo-yo being developed by Dave Giegle and his iYoYo brand out of Germany.  iYoYo have been making a name for themselves with their professional-level metal yo-yos, but in the case of the KiCKSTART Dave is taking things in a different direction.  First off, the KiCKSTART is a precision plastic yo-yo that is designed to appeal as much to beginners as to more advanced players.  From personal experience I can say that it is always good to have a high quality plastic yo-yo kicking around and the KiCKSTART looks like it could be a good choice.  Second, unlike the other iYoYo throws, the KiCKSTART will be manufactured entirely in Germany (with the exception of the usual suspects such as the bearings and pads).  This means an increase in design and manufacturing costs, and that is where the Indiegogo campaign comes in.

Dave is looking for some initial funding in order to cover the costs of the setting up the KiCKSTART production.  I encourage you to read over the KiCKSTART yo-yo Indiegogo campaign for more details.  The important part for you is that helping to funding the KiCKSTART will net you at least one of the yo-yos at a reduced price.  Check it out, and help make the KiCKSTART a reality!






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  1. Dave says:

    Hey, thx for posting about the KiCKSTART!
    Just a quick mention to be precise: “entirely” Made in Germany isnt right, as parts like bearings and pads do still come from Asia, but it is injection-molded, assembled and tested in Germany. 🙂

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