King Yo Star Video Contest

Jeremy “Mr. YoyoThrower” McKey announced today that he and King Yo Star are holding a little yo-yo video contest that runs from now until November 14.  The rules are simple:

  1. Learn three tricks from Mr. YoyoThrowers level 3, 4, 5 or Pun tutorials series (see the links below for the different tutorials series videos).
  2. Make a video of you doing those three tricks and a forth trick of your choice that is fun and creative.  Go nuts!
  3. Email a link with your video and your name and your favourite joke to

One prize will go to the best video, and the second will be randomly given away to one of the other contestants.  One of the prize throws will be a KYS Pun, and the other will be the KYS Morpheus (note: the prizes may not be the same colours as those shown below).

Here are the links to the relevant tutorials series: Level 3 Series, Level 4 Series, Level 5 Series, and the Pun Series.

Have fun and good luck!





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